New Domain Name (

We never really liked having a dash (‘-‘) in our domain, but since we were unable to acquire the domain we found instead. The old domain will still work, but will redirect to

ConDep 3.1.0 Released

ConDep version 3.1.0 is now available on NuGet and we’re officially out of Beta! The documentation still needs some more work, but new content gets added every day. Thanks to everyone who have reported bugs and helped making ConDep to what it is today. We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

ConDep talk @NNUGBergen

This coming Wednesday 26th of November Jon Arild Tørresdal (creator of ConDep) will have a talk at Norwegian .NET User Group (Bergen branch). Kjell Iver Breistøl and Øyvind Fanebust from Frende Forsikring will in the second half talk about their experience with ConDep in a Q&A session.

New Web Site!

In the process of finding a good solution for ConDep’s documentation, we ended up replacing the entire web site with a Jekyll based solution hosted on GitHub. We found this works really well for this project. Both that the entire site is source controlled, and the focus on HTML and Markdown instead of the previous WordPress publishing workflow. This has the added benefit of making it a lot easier to document the project going forward and easier for contributors to participate. You can now for instance create a pull request for a change in the documentation, and we can easily give committers direct access to change the site.